• Maureen Bausch

    Meaningful, insightful, good descriptions. I could not locate author. Maureen Bausch

    December 12, 2017
  • This is beautiful. More than that, it is helpful! Ah, thank you!

    December 12, 2017
  • Mary K Stillwell

    A very moving story. I’m so glad you and your daughter had Hazel and her terrier to enrich your lives. When I moved to NY an older couple took me in to stay with them until I found a job and an apartment. They knew me only as the daughter of a friend of a friend, and reached out to make me feel at home in a very big city. I will be forever grateful. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    December 12, 2017
  • Lovely, well written and tugs at the heartstrings! Thank you.

    April 13, 2018

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